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Are Unlimited Vacation Policies Good for Business?

Vacation policies are something that vary from company to company. However, a lot of big and small companies have begun to adopt vacation policies that enable employees to take as much time off for vacation as they seem fit, as long as they manage to complete the work expected of them. Grid Connect is a 20-some person company that has offered its employees unlimited vacation for the past 12 years. The vacation policy is one of the many ways Grid Connect creates its company culture, which works in attracting and retaining the best talent available. There are several unique benefits for employees such as free lunch on Wednesdays, massages on Thursdays, and daily ping-pong matches that lead up to a championship match at the end of the year. The employees have not abused any of these benefits or their vacation policy, which has led to a productive company culture.

Read more: http://hiring.monster.com/hr/hr-best-practices/workforce-management/employee-benefits-management/unlimited-vacation-policies.aspx

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