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CES 2015: 10 Exciting Chicago Companies Exhibiting at CES

With over 3,500 exhibitors and 150,000 attendees, CES - the Consumer Electronics Show - is the world's premier gathering for manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology. Every year, game-changing innovations are announced at this conference - including the VCR in '70, the camcorder in '81, HDTV in '98, the XBox in '01, and more - and this year's event, happening next week (1/6 - 1/9) in Las Vegas, will be no exception.

Though the conference is a global platform for all technological advances in the consumer space, Chicago will look to establish itself as a hub for producing these innovations - especially in the digital manufacturing arena - as nearly 60 Windy City companies will be exhibiting throughout the week.

Here are ten Chicago exhibitors to keep an eye on as CES 2015 kicks off...

Read more at Chicago Inno or download the PDF now.

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