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Companies loosen vacation policies...

Grid Connect is one of the few companies participating in the growing trend of offering unlimited paid vacation to employees. While this may not be a great fit for all companies, Grid Connect has a company culture that is based on trust and a sense of community. The environment is based on providing employees with the best work experience possible. Brittney Borowicz, Vice President of Marketing, was offered a free, two-week trip to Singapore only two months after starting the job. Although Borowicz was originally nervous about the situation, it worked out very well as noted in her reflection; “My boss said, ‘Sounds great.’ They were very excited for me to go.” The ability for employees to take off as much time as they need is a great way to increase company morale and attract young talent.

Many companies have had difficulty transitioning to a functional unlimited vacation policy similar to the one Grid Connect has created. That being said, Grid Connect also offers a variety of extra benefits for employees to make work a much more pleasant experience. The company’s Vice President, Adam Justice, states, “You try to offer employees some extra perks to make work fun.” The company offers employees a free, catered lunch every Wednesday, free massages every Thursday, as well as ping-pong and bags tournaments during lunch breaks. In order for these types of benefits to be implemented successfully, companies need to have trust in their employees and have a more relaxed company culture.

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