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Employee Spotlight — Intern Edition Part 2


Jack Mousseau is our development intern at the office this summer. Jack got connected to Grid Connect through an OpenHack Naperville meetup. There, he met Adam Justice, VP of Grid Connect, who was impressed by the app that Jack presented during the meetup. Adam later offered Jack the opportunity to work for Grid Connect this summer (coincidentally he found out later that their parents were actually close family friends). Jack’s main project has been to help the Grid Connect development team create an Apple Watch version of the ConnectSense app, however he has also done a lot of work with product testing and cleaning up the remaining bugs on the Smart Outlet.

This fall, Jack will be starting school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where he will be studying computer science and mathematics. He has liked working at Grid Connect because it has given him an experience he hasn’t had before “Last summer I worked at Fermilab, which was cool, but my work was only a fraction of what the end goal will look like” Jack said, “Here I’ve been able to see a finished product come out of my work. It’s really satisfying.”

In his free time, Jack enjoys biking, playing soccer and attending the OpenHack IOS developers group in Naperville and Chicago.


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