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Submit Your Ideas for a Free Grid Connect T-Shirt

- We are sorry but the offer of free Grid Connect T-Shirts is no longer available. -

When we decided to start blogging here at Grid Connect, our goal was to better connect with our customers and have an ongoing conversation about our industry.  We would like to share our knowledge and teach people about many of the topics we are knowledgeable in.

To begin that conversation, we would like to hear from you on what topics you would like to see us cover.  We are happy to cover anything within our industry, from very high-level topics to very detailed topics that would make a non-engineer’s head explode.

To reward those that share their ideas, we would like to send you a free Grid Connect T-Shirt.

- We are sorry but this offer is no longer available. -

Also a Big thanks to our friends over at Underground Printing who provided us with these great shirts!  They have also given us our very own discount code to pass out to customers looking to get promotional / giveaway shirts or corporate apparel.

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