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IWCE Panel: What You Need to Know About the Internet of Things


When: March 20, 8:30am-12:00pm
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV - Room N259

Session Title: What You Need to Know About the Internet of Things

Whether you call it the Internet of Things, machine to machine, Connected Devices, the Social Web of Things or the Networked Society, it is hard to deny that more and more "things" are being connected every day. The Internet of Things has exploded! From light bulbs to automobiles to buildings, things are getting a digital makeover as the IoT connects people, devices, and applications wirelessly, turning them “smart.” IoT applications have the potential to transform every sector of business by allowing enterprises to take informed decision, optimizing the process, and supporting innovative business models. The combination of ‘low-cost’ connected devices with the need for data drives Internet of Things. Examine business opportunities in everything from M2M to green buildings to smart devices, explore how to create a wireless business ecosystem with IoT platform, and what limitations IoT might have technologically.

Adam Justice, VP and General Manager of Grid Connect
Hassan Bawab, Author and CEO of Magic Logix
Sudhakar Marthi, Vice President Global Business Development of ZOHO Corporation
Barry Einsig, Global Transportation Executive, Internet of Things Group at Cisco


About IWCE:

Since 1977, the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) has been the authoritative annual event for communications technology professionals in the working world. IWCE features over 350 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and trends in the industry. Over 7,000 individuals attend from a diverse group of industry professionals including government/military; public safety (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical & 911); utility; transportation and business enterprise. This year’s show will be held March 16-20, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Conference Website: http://www.iwceexpo.com

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