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My Summer at Grid Connect

I never really considered myself an office worker. In younger years I always pictured life in a cubicle to be much like the process of putting one’s brain in a microwave. So when I learned that a company called Grid Connect was looking for a summer marketing intern, I was only vaguely excited to send in my resume. This was due to my phobic fear of technological terminology, and nervous tendency to scorn anything that I don’t know anything about.

Nevertheless, my interview with Adam and Brittney were refreshingly comfortable compared to the other internship opportunities I looked at. This turned out to be the norm at Grid Connect. My internship experience has been extremely rewarding. I had lots of real work to do, felt like I was part of the community, and best of all, didn’t ever feel like my brain was melting. Throughout the Summer I was included in various PR, and Marketing meetings and was given a shot at many of the major projects that came through the door. Every day looked a little different and my co-workers kept the environment low-stress and encouraging.

I’d like to thank everyone at Grid Connect for welcoming me and making my time here great! Hope to see you all again soon,


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