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Wicked or Wickedly: A Good Internet of Things Impacts Smart Home, Appliances

Craving more hype? Like the Kardashian, LeBron, Prince George kind?

Then say hello to the Internet of Things, what the hipsterazzi tag as IoT da Bomb. And also possible boom or doom for security and smart home dealers and distributors as well as home appliance manufacturers and their designers.

Concerning the hype, IoT will be everywhere. It will do everything. Touch everyone. Generate trillions of dollars; be on every wrist, imprinted into bike shorts and on cans of green beans, reside in every home, office, factory, hospital room, school desk, cave and tent worldwide. Every hour, the mighty IoT may one day spew out data streams of monoicosebyte proportions, all seemingly in a nanosecond.

Not a geek, my friend? Monoicosebytes, you see, are 9 exponential steps beyond that lowly terabyte.

But back to IoT hype: If you’re counting, it will be the fourth industrial revolution. The ultimate tipping point. The paramount of all paradigm shifts. The most disorderly of disruptive technologies A craze so big that “biggest” isn’t big enough.

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