PCAN Light Linux Drivers for PCAN USB, PCI and Dongle Adapters

PCAN-Light drivers for LINUX gives you access to all the CAN adapters under LINUX. The PCAN-Light drivers for LINUX need a Kernel Version 2.4 or higher. The complete package is freeware and is distributed under the GPL (Gnu Public License). After several Discussion with one customer we point out that the PCAN-USB low level Part of the Device Driver is confusing code. That means that these source files can be compiled by the GCC compiler (because it is real source code) but it is almost impossible to read the code. The reason for this change is that some of our competitors try to find out how we realize our "fantastic" band width with these small USB controller. If you need more information, contact us. The API (Application Programming Interface) for all the adapters is the same, so it is easy to develop software that runs with all the different CAN adapters Interfaces. At the moment we support the PCI, Parallel, USB, PC/ISA and PC/104 adapters.

Free PCAN Light Linux Driver


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