TalkMaster™ FOCUS Software Suite

TalkMaster™ Software is a leading platform used to manage IP Audio endpoints via PC. Upgrade your systems now with the newest version TalkMaster Focus.

TalkMaster Focus provides the following capabilities:

    • Announcements (pre-recorded or ad hoc)
            Provides one-way or two-way audio, able to communicate with single IP intercoms or groups using Multicast or Unicast audio paging

    • Emergency Notifications
            Provides automated announcements for weather alerts or other RSS or CAP/Atom enabled feeds

    • Security Verifications
            Provides automated responses to actions such as sensors or relay events

    • Remote Monitoring
            Provides visuals from RTSP based IP camera feeds to single or multiple PCs

  • Background Audio
          Provides continuous stream of audio

FREE TalkMaster FOCUS: With purchase of intercom hardware, this free version is good for a single TalkMaster Operator and has a limit of 250 IP Endpoints.

Upgrade to Enterprise status with purchase of any of the following:

    • Additional Operator Console licenses

    • Automation capabilities

    • VoIP Connect capabilities

    • Video for viewing RTSP based IP cameras

  • Fail Forward Rudundancy

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