CAN GPRS OEM Module Platform for Vehicle Applications (OBSOLETE)


MPN: IPEH-004000, IPEH-004000-EVAL

Compatible product is PCAN-GPS Programmable Sensor Module With CAN Connection.

The CAN GPRS Module (PCAN-GPRS Link) is a hardware and firmware platform for the recording and forwarding of vehicle data. There are two completely programmable microcontrollers within the unit which process internal vehicle data.

The PCAN-GPRS Link is provided as a development platform for telematic applications. An API allows simple integration within a specific application environment. The PCAN-GPRS Link supports the evaluation of Fleet Management System (FMS) and Bus FMS data. This feature allows access to consumption related vehicle data. The "DTCO info" interface also allows the connection and processing of a digital tachometer, with access to information such as driver identification and driver working time. The GPS module can be used to determine vehicle location and output the direction of travel.

Using the internal pin-headers, expansion is possible to allow any volume of additional data to be processed, output and recorded. These include temperature and movement sensors, barcode scanners, RFID readers, displays and WiFi or Bluetooth connections.


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