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CIF50 DHPRIO / DH485 PCI Data Highway Plus (DH+) Remote IO (RI/O) DH-485



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The DL-PCI (CIF50-DHPRIO) connects your PC's and MMI's via the Plug and Play PCI bus using existing AB DF1 Com Port drivers to A-B's DH+/DH-485. It is a lower cost alternative to A-B's 1784-PKTX card and SST's 5136-SD-PCI. The DH+ / RI/O Adapter / DH-485 Card is a PCI card to access AB's DH+ and RI/O networks. The Interface Card allows existing 1770-KF2, and PLC CH0 Serial DF1 drivers to run at the PC's PCI bus speed. This will allow MMI, HMI, SCADA equipment, and other computer applications access to any DH+ node including PLC's and SLC's.

All settings are accomplished using an easy to use Windows based Configuration Program over the bus or by using an external RS232 connection to another computer.

Add an xport 0
Baud rate
  • DHP: 57.6, 115.2, and 230.4 Kbaud
  • DH-485: 4800, 9600 Baud, and 19.2 Kbaud
  • Remote I/O: 57.6 K, 115.2 K, and 230.4 Kbaud
Choose length 0
Choose type 0
Configurable address
  • DHP: (0 to 77o)
  • DH-485: (0 to 31 decimal)
Error correction technique DF1: Either BCC or CRC Error Checking
Firefly connector 0
Included software Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Io and irq
  • Remote I/O: Occupy 1 to 7 virtual adapter Racks
  • Remote I/O: Up to 16 Block Transfer Reads and Writes per rack
Select size 0
  • DF1: Full Duplex (Point to Point) and Half Duplex (Multidrop)
  • Remote I/O: 128 bits of throughput data per rack
Storage specifications Temperature: -40°C to +85° C
Switch option 0
Temperature range
  • Operating: 0°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

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