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ComBricks SALT and Pepper Kit



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The ComBricks PROFIBUS DP SALT and Pepper Kit makes it possible to use non-standard PROFIBUS cable in a PROFIBUS DP segment. This is the only product on the market that enables the use of a cable other than standard PROFIBUS cable. By adjusting the terminating resistors, the SALT & Pepper kit lets you use any cable with 2 wires (A & B). Only have twisted pair buried in that conduit? Will it take hours of effort to remove that old DeviceNet cable? No problem! By using this kit it is now possible to use those cables reliably in your installation.

This kit works by modifying the terminating resistor values to match the impedance of the alternate cable. This calculation is easily done by using the provided software tool. Just enter the cable’s impedance and the tool will give you values to use on the rotary switches located on the ComBricks SALT module and the T1-Pepper active terminator. Since the SALT module has a built-in oscilloscope, ProfiTrace OE can be used to check the signals of the segment to make sure they look like good PROFIBUS messages. All you have to do is bring up ProfiTrace OE in your web-browser and check!

The SALT (Scope ALTernate Cable) Module in this Kit must be used as a repeater to tie into the rest of the installation. It creates a new segment with the non-standard cable run. The rest of the PROFIBUS DP network is connected to the 1-Channel DP Module that is included in the kit.

The SALT and Pepper kit is also useful for installations that have standard PROFIBUS Cable, but have problems due to EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Field) interference from nearby power lines. The trick in this case is to use the kit to raise the “idle line” (or bias voltage) which is the voltage present on the bus between messages. EMF often shows up on this idle line, and if it is severe, the disturbance can cause parts of the idle line to cross the forbidden “zero volt” line. By using the SALT & Pepper kit, the idle line can be moved up, thus giving you a ‘raised floor” to allow the EMF disturbance and still run smoothly. This can be a valuable capability when the cost of re-routing power cables is considered.

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Comes complete with 1 Type 1C Head Station, 1 1-channel PROFIBUS DP module, 1 1-channel SALT repeater module, and 1 T-1 Pepper Active Terminator.

  • Integrated oscilloscope for examining messages on the alternate cable.
  • Can be expanded with other COMbricks modules.
  • DIN-rail mount
  • 1 year warranty

The SALT and Pepper kit can be expanded by adding additional SALT modules or additional DP Modules, or even PA Modules. The COMbricks backplane can be any combination of 10 PA or DP modules. Just snap in the additional modules as needed! You can also extend your network beyond the non-standard cable section by adding another COMbricks system with a SALT module at the other of the cable, in place of the T1-Pepper Terminator.

BACKPLANE SALT Module: Support for up to 10 High Speed Modules, Up to 32 Modules Total
CABLE LENGTH Ethernet: Max 100 m
  • 1 Bus channel
  • 31 devices/bus-loads per channel
COMPATIBLE BACKPLANE UNITS 101-200011, 101-200023, 101-200012
CURRENT Head Station: consumption - 800mA (fully loaded), Available to backplane modules - 2.5 A
DIMENSIONS All Modules: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
  • 1 COMbricks Head Station Type 1C (GC-PB-CB-HS-1C)
  • 1 COMbricks 1 Channel Repeater Module (GC-PB-CB-1CHR)
  • 1 1 Channel RS 485 PROFIBUS SCOPE repeater module (GC-PB-CB-1CH-SALT)
  • 1 PROFIBUS DP Terminator T1 - Pepper (GC-PB-TERM-PEPPER)
  • SALT Module: Removable screw terminals
  • Head Station: Link Speed 10/100 Mbps
  • Oscilloscope images of connected devices (diff.)
  • Last, Min, Max bus signals
  • Bar graph of connected devices
  • Email on telegram errors and low bus signals
  • 20 simultaneous web server clients
MEMORY Head Station SD Card: SD & SDHC (Max 32GB, 2GB included)

Frequency: 192 MS/s

Resolution: 50 mV

Differential Range: -6.436..6.436V

  • Repeater Module: +/- 300mA
  • +/- 400mA
  • Head Station: Redundant Power Supply
  • Other Modules: Provided through the backplane

SALT Module

  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
  • 9.6 kbps - 12 Mbps (auto detection)
  • 2 bits delay time (12 bits in redundant mode)
  • No address required
  • Bus redundancy (selectable)


Repeater Module: DP-V0, DP-V1, DP-V2, FDL, MPI, FMS, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive and other FDL based protocol

REDUNDANCY Max 10 cables activated by switch
SECURITYPROTECTION Head Station: Reverse Polarity Protection
TEMPERATURE RANGE Operating temperature: 0 - 60 °C

Integrated, switchable

  • Termination range (MIDDLE): 94 .. 940 Ohm
  • Idle voltage range (PULL-UP): 0 .. 5 V
TRANSMISSION SPEED Repeater Module: 9.6 kbps up to 12 Mbps (auto detect)


ComBricks Head Station Type 1C Datasheet View (PDF)
ComBricks 1 Channel Repeater Module Datasheet View (PDF)
ComBricks SCOPE Alternate (SALT) Cable Repeater Datasheet View (PDF)
PROFIBUS Adjustable Active Terminator – Pepper User Manual View (PDF)
ComBricks User Manual View (PDF)


ComBricks DWG Drawing Download (ZIP)

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