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ESP32-C3FH4 - Single Core Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 (LE) Microcontroller Chip



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The ESP32-C3 SOC is the next generation replacement for the ESP8266EX SOC, a simple to design with, very cost effective solution. The ESP32-C3 adds advanced security and BLE 5.0 with long range support, while maintaining the low cost of the original ESP8266. Based on a single RISC-V core, performance has improved and cost remains under $1.00.

The ESP32-C3 family of parts with the RISC-V core was developed to be the next generation replacement for the ESP8266E and modules based
on this chip. Using a RISC-V core in the ESP32-C3 allows for improved performance while providing the ability to match the low cost of the
original ESP8266E. The ESP32-C3 chip has added updated security features, USB 2.0, power management and BLE5.0. Even with these
enhanced features, the C3 family of modules provides the lowest cost fully certified solution of all the Espressif modules.

Trouble shooting is improved with on-chip debug module (DM), compliant with RISC-V debug specification v0.13. Also, an external debugger is
supported using the industry-standard JTAG/USB port. The debugger provides direct system bus access (SBA) to memory and peripherals along
with up to 8 trigger breakpoints/watchpoints.

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