ESP8266EX - Tiny Wireless 802.11 b/g/n Chip


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Designed for use in Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and wearable electronics applications, the wireless ESP8266EX chip is a highly integrated, low-power Wi-Fi solution. It provides extremely low-power consumption and occupies minimal PCB area. Clock speed can reach a maximum of 160 MHz.

The minimal wake up time feature can be utilized by mobile device SOCs. This allows them to remain in low-power standby mode until Wi-Fi is needed.

Highly integrated, this compact chip has

  • 32-bit Tensilica processor
  • Standard digital peripheral interfaces
  • antenna switches
  • RF balun
  • Power amplifier
  • Low noise amplifier
  • Power management modules

With the 32-bit low power micro-controller (MCU) and 17 GPIO pins, this EXP8266  Wi-Fi chip is often  integrated with external sensors and other application-specific devices. It can host an application or offload 802.11 Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor.

Examples of major applications include:

  • Home automation
  • Smart lights and plugs
  • Home appliances
  • IP cameras
  • Baby monitors
  • Sensor networks
  • Security ID tags
  • Mesh networks
  • Industrial wireless control
  • Wearable electronics
  • Wi-Fi location-aware devices
  • Wi-Fi position system beacons



ESP8266 Chip Features:

  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Integrated low power 32-bit MCU
  • Integrated 10-bit ADC
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
  • Integrated PLL, regulators and power management units
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz supports security protocols WPA/WPA2
  • Supports antenna diversity
  • Supports Station / SoftAP / Station+SoftAP operation modes
  • Supports Smart Link Function for both Android and iOS devices
  • FCC, CE, TELEC, WiFi Alliance and SRRC certified


Documents and Drivers


ESP8266 Datasheet View (PDF)
ESP8266 Quick Start Guide View (PDF)
ESP8266 FAQs View (PDF)
ESP8266 Hardware Matching Guide View (PDF)
ESP8266 Hardware Design Guidelines View (PDF)
ESP8266 Technical Reference View (PDF)
ESP8266 Pin List Release View (XLSX)
ESP8266 Wi-Fi Channel Selection Guidelines View (PDF)
ESP8266 Geolocating View (PDF)
ESP8266 Low Power Solutions View (PDF)
ESP8266 SDK Getting Started Guide  View (PDF)
ESP8266 SDK SSL User Manual View (PDF)
ESP8266 SDK Application Note Firmware Download Protocol View (PDF)
ESP8266 RTOS SDK Programming Guide View (PDF)
ESP8266 RTOS SDK API Reference View (PDF)
ESP8266 Non-OS SDK IOT Demo Guide View (PDF)
ESP8266 Non-OS SDK API Reference View (PDF)
ESP8266 AT Instruction Set View (PDF)
ESP8266 AT Command Examples View (PDF)
ESP8266 Phy Init Bin Parameter Configuration Guide View (PDF)


ESP8266 AT Bin Download (ZIP)
ESP8266 NonOS AT Bin V1.7.4 Download (ZIP)
ESP8266 Flash Download Tools Download (ZIP)
ESP8266 RTOS SDK Download (ZIP)



Antenna Types Supported

  • PCB Trace
  • External
  • IPEX Connector
  • Ceramic chip




5mm x 5mm


Upgrade: UART download / OTA (via network)


WiFi: 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz (2400 MHz - 2483.5MHz)




Tx Power:

  • WiFi 802.11 b: +20 dBm
  • WiFi 802.11 g: +17 dBm
  • WiFi 802.11 n: +14 dBm


Related chips and modules


Software: WPA / WPA2 Encryption: WEP / TKIP / AES


  • WiFi mode: Station / SoftAP / SoftAP+Station
  • Supports cloud server development / SDK for custom firmware development
  • Network protocols: IPv4, TCP / UDP / HTTP / FTP


Operating & Storage: -40ºC to 125ºC (-40ºF to 257ºF)


  • Operating voltage: 3.0 ~ 3.6V
  • Operating current: Average value: 80mA

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