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MPN: 1.901.000.01.00

Manufacturer: mb Connect Line Inc

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Product Information

Product Description

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mbEDGE is an IIoT Upgrade to MB Connect Line for all mbNET and mbNET.rokey Remote Access Routers. While the routers already feature the ability to connect to the mbCONNECT24 cloud, the mbEDGE adds additional software features to extend the routers into full blown IoT Edge Gateways to allow connection to Azure, IBM, AWS and more.

mbEDGE is delivered as an SD card that fits in the SD card slot of the router. The 8GB industrial SD card securely encrypts and stores all data.

At the core of the mbEDGE is Node-RED, a visual programming tool and dashboard to create IoT applications for the router. There is no complex scripting - the Node-RED environment provides a graphical method for creating the applications. It is web-based and consists of a graphical user interface and a library of pre-built functions and blocks of code, called nodes. Each node, standard or user defined, manages a single functionality: send an email, perform a Modbus read or write, communicate with (my)mbCONNECT24, MQTT publish/subscribe, OPC UA, etc.

To create your application, simply drag and drop the nodes on the design sheet, connect them following the logical flow of actions and configure them according to your application context.

With Node-RED you will acquire data, process it and post it to your preferred cloud application. The provided Node-RED implementation has access to all mbNET resources.

The mbNET.ROKEY also has an onboard security chip that safely stores the certificates, passwords and data. Each unit gets a unique password assigned at the factory, so there is no way to mistakenly leave a unit with a default password that everyone knows. The firmware is signed and uses Secure Boot to ensure that the router only boots with trusted firmware.

The Node-RED environment runs in a Docker Container, which manages access of your application to the mbNET’s operation system and resources.

The mbEDGE.advanced comes with a second container configured with the “Portainer.io” app – which is itself a GUI for Docker allowing you to configure and manage additional containers to run your own personalized applications. The Docker secures and manages the applications and only allows signed and trusted images to run in the containers.

Order Summary


Variant Option
mbEDGE.start mbEDGE.advanced
Node-RED User-Nodes
Docker Container
Manufacturer Part # (MPN)
1.901.000.01.00 1.902.000.01.00


Features of mbEdge

  • Graphical drag and drop design of IIoT applications using Node-Red
  • AES Encyrpted data on the SD card, using XTS-plain64 encryption mode and SHA256 Hashing
  • Industrial Temp Spec (-40 to +85 C)
  • Industrial protocols MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, S7 and more
  • Cloud connectivity for Azure, IBM, AWS and more
  • Import your own applications in a custom Container (mbEDGE.advanced)
  • Access to all router software and hardware resources (Ethernet, USB, Serial, MPI/PROFIBUS)

Documents and Drivers


mbEDGE.start Manual View (PDF)
mbEDGE.advanced Manual View (PDF)
mbEDGE Technical Specifications View (PDF)


mbEDGE Declaration of Conformity View (PDF)



24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm


Encryption method: AES
Encryption Mode: XTS-plain64


8 GB industrial grade SD card


1.901.000.01.00, 1.902.000.01.00


MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, S7


90 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write speed


-40ºC to 85ºC (-40ºF to 185ºF)

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