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PCAN Explorer 5 Software


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The PCAN Explorer 5 is the best software tool for monitoring CAN data traffic. PCAN Explorer features a "symbol editor" that allows the data fields inside a CAN message to be mapped directly to human readable names/symbols. These names/symbols allow CAN messages to be easily deciphered. The VBScript feature provides for macros to automate simple or complex tasks. The data logger feature takes data traffic from the CAN bus so it can be recorded, analyzed, and stored. PCAN-Explorer 5 is designed as a server and can therefore be remote controlled through scripts.

The PCAN Explorer 5 runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and supports all CAN adapter interfaces made by Peak System.

The major advance for Version 5 is the J1939 Add-in. Also new in V5:

  • Project files - Files and elements can be changed and saved in thhe project browser
  • Fast Start-up Page
  • Simultaneous CAN adapters can be connected
  • Connection window with complete with status, error counters, bus load, etc.
  • All parameters can be examined using a Property Window
  • Multiple filters
  • Tabs to switch between the different windows
  • Flexible user interface
  • User-defined display
  • J1939 support with the add-in


Product Ordering Summary:

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GC-CAN-EXPL5 Single User License
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GC-CAN-EXPL5-PORT Portable Shared License
Install on several computers; to unlock and use the software, you must plug the included USB copy protection dongle into a free USB port.
Ships same or next business day

  • Display of received messages showing the ID, length, data bytes, number of messages received and receiving interval
  • Simultaneous hexadecimal and symbolic representation of the message data.
  • Display of remote frames, status reports of the CAN controller and, as option, CAN-bus error frames also
  • Time-out logging
  • Sending of messages at fixed (periodic) intervals of time, manually or as reply to remote frames
  • Messages can be created as scripts (send lists), stored and loaded as desired. Using this feature you can emulate CAN nodes.
  • Periodic sending with up to 1 ms precision
  • In the Item Browser CAN networks, symbols, macros etc. are represented clearly and in a structured manner
  • Easy creation of symbol files and macros using the integrated text editor with syntax highlighting
  • User-friendly real-time monitoring of several signals via the watch window
  • Extensive improvements to user prompting and user interface
  • Simple integration of external tools
  • Integration of optional "Add-Ins" to add features and functionality
  • Supports PEAK PC-CAN interface hardware
  • System requirements: PCAN-Explorer V5, Windows Vista/XP/2000, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz CPU

Properties of the integrated, configurable PCAN-Explorer data logger:

  • Operation of multiple tracers at the same time
  • Variable buffer size
  • Optional linear buffer or circular buffer
  • Representation of the logged messages with time stamp, type, ID, length and data bytes
  • Logging of errors that have occurred is possible
  • Flexible storage possibility for the logged data in text form for importing into Excel or similar
  • Filtering of the messages for logging through symbol definitions
  • Subsequent examination of the logged data in the buffer via different symbol files

Properties of the independent Symbol Editor:

  • The graphic representation of symbols and the automatic error detection allow easy creation of symbol files
  • Symbolic representation of CAN messages through the assigning of alphanumeric names
  • Bit-exact division of the data into variables for assigning name, data type, list of values, scaling, Offset etc.
  • Supports data processing in accordance with IEEE 754 as well as in the Intel and Motorola format
  • The Item Navigator and the search function allow targeted access to all elements of the symbol files
  • Importing of CANdb files into the symbol data format and vice versa (requires the PCAN-Explorer Add-In CANdb Import)

Function upgrade of the PCAN-Explorer with the integrated VBScript language:

  • Creation of macros in VBScript with the integrated text editor
  • Access with macros and scripts to almost all program elements via the PCAN-Explorer object model
  • Ideal for creating test tools to implement or develop CAN systems
  • Examples: sending of e-mails when a temperature is exceeded, starting of a test tool when a particular message is received, opening of an Excel sheet when an event occurs and saving of data in the individual cells
  • Assignment of function keys with individual send messages or macros
  • VBS scripts run in the background even without the PCAN-Explorer interface

Mpn IPES-005028, IPES-005028 + IPES-005090

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