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XLH130 - mbXLINK Air-Gap Data Diode with PROFINET-IO Fieldbus



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This version of the mbXLINk features a PROFINET-IO Fieldbus. mbXLINK collects data from the field bus layer and brings it safely into the cloud. The safety concept is based on a data diode, which allows the communication in one direction only - from the field to the safe network. The return channel is electrically isolated and can only be activated by key switch for configuration purposes.

It is technically impossible to connect to the system from the outside to steal or manipulate data. Due to the real hardware-based disconnection, the usual weak spots of security-hardware such as faulty configuration through the user or security gaps in the device-software are excluded.

With the "Secure Cloud Gateway" mbXLINK you make your existing systems "Industry 4.0-ready".

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