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Enhancing Workplace Safety with Environmental Monitoring Webinar

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Young Cho
Young Cho
Vice President of Partner and Sales at AKCP

Young Cho serves as the Vice President of Partner and Sales at AKCP, where he plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in harnessing the potential of connecting assets and operations to analytics. With a firm belief that human creativity, when applied to data, can bring about transformative changes, Young has been dedicated to empowering organizations worldwide.

Having collaborated with numerous global manufacturing, telecommunications, and industrial entities, Young has provided them with diverse strategies to effectively leverage data in their operations. His extensive knowledge of data analytics in the manufacturing and industrial sectors is evident in the white papers, blogs, and application contents he has contributed.

Recognized as an expert in the field, Young has been a speaker at various industry events, sharing insights on IoT/IIoT operations and security. Beyond the professional realm, he finds joy in cruising down the road on classic motorcycles, particularly the Triumph Bonneville.

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