Last update April 24, 2024

Products can be returned under the 30-Day Money-back guarantee for refunds, exchanges, or for defective products by following the return procedure below. Returns must be shipped within 7 days of receiving an RMA number, or as otherwise instructed by Grid Connect.



The return process begins by either sending an email to or calling us to request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. Returns will only be accepted if an RMA number was assigned by authorized Grid Connect personnel.

Once a return is requested, Grid Connect will send you a form with a specific RMA number. This number must appear on the shipping label or on the outside of the shipping box. DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT BOX AS THE SHIPPING BOX when you return a product. Complete the Customer Section of the RMA form, providing the information as thoroughly as possible to expedite your return.

The shipping box/container must contain the product and the completed printed RMA form. The original purchase receipt is also required for defective product returns.

The return package must be shipped at the expense and risk of the purchaser in a protective box/container considered adequate protection by the rules of the shipping agency (such as UPS, Federal Express, DHL or USPS) to Grid Connect or, if instructed by Grid Connect, to the place of purchase. Returns must be insured by the purchaser for damage during shipping. Grid Connect is not responsible for, and will not provide a refund for, products damaged during shipment.

Return the package, transportation prepaid, to:

Grid Connect, Inc.
1630 W Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL 60563

Before returning your product to Grid Connect, check the sections below for additional information on your type of return.



Grid Connect offers a 30-day return policy. For products returned within 30 days, an exchange of the product or refund of the total product purchase price is available. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. To be eligible for a 30-day money-back refund, the item being returned must:

  • be a single-quantity evaluation purchase only
  • be unused, undamaged, unmarred, unmarked, and otherwise in “like new” condition when received by Grid Connect
  • be returned with the purchase receipt
  • be returned in the original container with all original parts, including power supplies, cables, adapters, CDs, antennas, user manuals, and registration/warranty cards, all of which must be unused, undamaged, unmarred, unmarked, and otherwise in “like new” condition
  • have been purchased at retail and not at a dealer, reseller or OEM price
  • be returned at your expense and risk of loss or damage
  • be returned in compliance with this Return Policy
  • not be defective
  • not have any tariffs, brokerage fees or other amounts due on receipt by Grid Connect
  • not be returned using the product package as a shipping box
  • not be a service, software, semiconductor chip or embedded device of any kind
  • not be a special-order product or custom product

Restocking Fees

Grid Connect reserves the right to charge a restocking fee on products returned for a 30-day money-back refund. 

Order Cancellations

Orders for products eligible for the 30-day money-back refund may be canceled, but may be subject to a restocking fee. Other orders cannot be canceled.



The original purchase receipt is also required in the return shipping box/container for returning defective products.  The sender is responsible for providing and paying for adequate shipping insurance; returns for repair must be insured at the shipper’s expense.

Grid Connect Manufactured Products

If Grid Connect repairs or replaces a product under warranty, the repaired or replacement product will be covered by Grid Connect’s Limited Warranty Statement only until the later of the expiration of the original warranty period or 30 (thirty) days after the original purchaser receives the repaired or replacement product. If Grid Connect is unable to fix a defective product and a replacement is not readily available, Grid Connect will refund the purchaser the original purchase price (excluding shipping).  If the product qualifies for warranty service, Grid Connect will pay for the return Ground Service freight to the customer

Please, see our Limited Warranty Statement for more details before returning a product under warranty.


Products Distributed by Grid Connect

Products where Grid Connect functions solely as the distributor rather than the manufacturer can be returned within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Grid Connect is committed to making every reasonable effort to support the purchaser in pursuing any warranties offered by the respective manufacturer(s) of such products. Please note that decisions concerning repairing or replacing faulty products under warranty rest entirely with the manufacturer.


Products NOT under Warranty

For products manufactured by Grid Connect and not under warranty, contact Products not under warranty can only be returned at the discretion of the Grid Connect Tech Support Department.  The purchaser will incur all costs (non-refundable) associated with the shipping, evaluation, and possible repair.  Grid Connect does not guarantee that a repair will be possible. No warranty is available on the repaired product.



Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding this Return Policy.