CANopen Protocol Training - 4-Hour Virtual Training Course



This 4 hour CANopen Protocol training is conducted in 2 hour segments on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 with a 30 minute break.

The online classroom environment will give students the opportunity to interact with the instructor in real time during the training.

The training is designed to lead students through a quick recap of the underlying CAN protocol and then move into a high level understanding of CANopen before moving into the details of the protocol including: SDO’s, PDO’s, Transfer Types, Error messaging, and more.

See below for the complete class outline.


  • Recap of CAN properties
  • CANopen device model
  • Object dictionary and objects
  • Overview about CANopen device and application profiles
  • Service Data Object (SDO)
  • Expedited Transfer
  • Segmented Transfer
  • 30 Minute Break
  • Process Data Object (PDO)
  • Emergency messages
  • NMT and Error Control messages
  • SYNC
  • EDS files
  • LSS (optional, if time permits)

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