Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage

1 November 2021

The global semiconductor shortage due to high demand and supply chain bottlenecks and disruptions is no secret. Here’s the latest:

  • Chip manufacturers have ramped up their fabrication utilization rates (total available manufacturing capacity) to as high as 90-100%, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association. This is well above normal utilization levels of 80%.
  • Yet logistical issues like shipping bottlenecks could cause shortages to last well into 2022 and beyond, because it will take time for chip supplies to work their way through the supply chain.


Meanwhile, we ask customers to:

  • Understand that availability and firm delivery dates cannot always be guaranteed.
  • Provide us with forecasts and requests for quotes as early as possible, especially for large orders.

Grid Connect will continue to work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to increase product availability and to maintain adequate stocking levels.

We have the best technical support engineers that know how to use our products.

If our Tech Support cannot solve your problem, we will contact the design engineer or manufacturer to help find a resolution.

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