PCAN Basic Simple Programming Interface

This simple API, PCAN-BASIC Download, is provided FREE with every PCAN adapter.

First a Windows driver is installed to provide the interface between the CAN adapter and the user application. The Windows driver uses DLLs to provide a Ring-0 driver into the operating system. The API (application programming interface) is a set of calls that the programmer uses to access the hardware. The API is common for all USB, PCI, PC/104, and parallel port CAN adapters. The following functions are provided with the purchase of the CAN hardware. These functions can be used with C, C++, VB or Delphi applications. Example programs are also available for download.

Common API Calls:

CAN_Init: Initializing hardware, setting the baud rate, logging on to drivers

CAN_Close: Logging out of drivers

CAN_Write: Sending a CAN message (11/29-bit ID and RTR available)

CAN_Read: Reading a CAN message / status

CAN_Status: Reading driver status information (data in buffer, overruns etc.)

CAN_VersionInfo: Fetching the driver information / version number

Visit our Example PCAN Programs page for programming examples in C#, VB6, VB.Net, C++ and More.