PCAN-Explorer 6 and Add-ins Upgrade Information

PCAN Explorer 6 CD Image

Upgrading to PCAN-Explorer 6 from the previous software version can be accomplished with ease. Eligibility for this upgrade is based off of the time between the exact date the PCAN-Explorer 5 order was placed and the exact date the PCAN-Explorer 6 order will be placed.

In order to purchase the newest version of this software, please contact the Grid Connect sales staff via phone (630-245-1445) or email (sales@gridconnect.com).

Please have the PCAN-Explorer 5 serial number ready before calling, or include it in the email to insure an accurate estimate.

This upgrade can also be applied to the previous versions of the Add-ins as well as the portable shared license for the previous software.

Below is a breakdown of the upgrade rates based on the purchase date of Explorer 5.


Upgrade Price Table
Product Purchase Date Upgrade Price Part Number
PCAN-Explorer 6 Less than 2 years $100.00 GC-CAN-EXPLR6-UP-2YR
2 - 3 years $350.00 GC-CAN-EXPLR6-UP-3YR
3 - 6 years $560.00 GC-CAN-EXPLR6-UP-6Y4
User Instrument Panel Less than 2 years FREE GC-CAN-USER6-UP-2YR
2 - 3 years $100.00 GC-CAN-USER6-UP-3YR
3 - 6 years $159.00 GC-CAN-USER6-UP-6Y4
CANdb™ Add-in Less than 2 years FREE GC-CAN-DB6-UP-2YR
2 - 3 years $60.00 GC-CAN-DB6-UP-3YR
3 - 6 years $95.00 GC-CAN-DB6-UP-6Y4
Plotter Add-in Less than 2 years FREE GC-CAN-PLOTTER6-UP-2YR
2 - 3 years $100.00 GC-CAN-PLOTTER6-UP-3YR
3 - 6 years $159.00 GC-CAN-PLOTTER6-UP-6Y4
J1939 Less than 2 years FREE GC-CAN-J1939-6-UP-2YR
2 - 3 years $195.00 GC-CAN-J1939-6-UP-3YR
3 - 6 years $312.00 GC-CAN-J1939-6-UP-6Y4

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