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Alarm Strobe Light Sensor


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The combined strobe light and siren can add eye-catching audio visual alarms to the sensorProbe. When triggered, the siren will generate a loud alarm sound (hear a sample now) and the strobe light will flash brightly, giving a clear alert of an alarm condition. The alarm sound level can be variably adjusted as needed.

The sensor plugs into any of our intelligent SensorProbes, such as the SensorProbe2, the SensorProbe8, or any SecurityProbe. The sensor can be extended up to 1,000 feet from the SensorProbe using standard CAT5 cable (a 5 ft cable is provided).

The siren and alarm are both incorporated into one device - only one RJ-45 jack is needed for each combined siren/alarm. Up to 2 devices can be plugged into RJ-45 jacks on the sensorProbe2 and 8 devices on the sensorProbe8.

When a combined siren / strobe light is plugged into the RJ-45 port, the sensorProbe will auto detect the sensor, and it will display the status of the device.

The siren / strobe light can be triggered manually, via the web interface, or it can be configured to turn on at certain times, through the web interface. The device can be triggered by any sensor connected to a sensorProbe, or by an alarm condition generated by the sensorProbe, and can be fully integrated with the sensor notification matrix on our Linux based systems.

Each device has its own SNMP OID so that status can be collected over the network and graphed using external application like MRTG.

Siren and strobe sensor and setup

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View video on Alarm Strobe Light Sensor and Setup.

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