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BF-1010 - Digital I/O Controller

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Authorized North America Distributor StampBF-1010 is a digital input/output controller with 10 sets of DIO. It can control DIO remotely through TCP / IP communication. The real-time operating system and the complete TCP / IP protocol makes this DIO controller a sound and efficient system to connect your device to the network.

This DIO controller is easy to install and establish a network connection. The BF-1010's web setting interface is not only easy to operate but also has no operating system platform limitations.

The BF-1010 is designed to monitor digital inputs and remotely control digital outputs. Digital inputs such as panic button, temperature sensor, door sensor and others can be monitored. Remotely control digital outputs such as a siren, alarm, light, and fan.

Trigger events can be setup between terminals thru TCP/IP. For example:
  • If temperature in the server room is too high, trigger a security office's alarm and also the server room's air conditioner.
  • If humidity in green house is low, trigger a water spray and if air quality is low, also trigger air cycling.
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