CAN 2 Meter Cable with CAN Bus Terminators


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Product Information

Product Description

This CAN Cable (compare to Peak PCAN Cable 2 IPEK-003001) is 2 meters in length with DB9 female connectors on each end WITH 120 ohm terminators in each DB9. The cable consists of stranded 24 AWG copper twisted-pair conductors for the CAN signals; electronic grade flexible polyethylene insulation, tinned copper shield and a flame retardant violet PVC jacket. The cable meets UL-Type AWM specs. The DB9 Connectors conform to CiA DS102-1.

A terminator should be used at the end of each bus system, the terminator provide line balancing for best CAN signals.

For use with all versions of these Peak PCAN adapters:

  • USB
  • PCI
  • mini PCI
  • Compact PCI
  • Express
  • PC/104
  • PC/104+
  • ISA
Signal:  Pin - Pin
CAN_L 2 - 2 (wires are twisted pair)
CAN_GND 3 - 3
CAN_H 7 - 7 (wires are twisted pair)

\*\*120 Ohm terminating resistor across CAN\_L and CAN\_H in each connector

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