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MPN: CANopen Magic Standard Software

Manufacturer: Embedded Systems Academy

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Product Description

PCANopen Magic is an easy to use, yet sophisticated utility for accessing and controlling nodes on a CANOpen Network. It allows read and write accesses to the process data and the configuration variables of CANOpen nodes. It works with multiple low cost CAN interfaces. PCANopen Magic was developed by the Embedded System Academy, the leading training and consulting firm for CANOpen in North America.

Features Network Management of select nodes or all nodes. A single node or all nodes may be placed in Operational, Pre-Operational or Stopped states, or Reset.

Data Download to a selected node. Manually entered data or data stored in a file may be written to a specific node. Files up to 160kb in size are supported, allowing transfer of Intel Hex Files for reprogramming or calibration/configuration tables.

Data Upload from a selected node. Data up to 160kb in size may be read from a specific node and either displayed in the PCANopen Magic Lite window or stored in a file.

Indication of the current state of a selected node. PCANopen Magic listens for Heartbeat and Node Guarding messages from a specific node and displays the reported state of the node.

Indication of the last emergency transmitted by a selected node. PCANopen Magic listens for emergency messages being transmitted from a specific node and displays the last emergency detected.

Indication of the bus load, errors and transmit and receive activity. LEDs in the PCANopen Magic window indicate when PCANopen Magic is transmitting and receiving. An LED also indicates the bus load of the CAN bus by lighting for each message detected. Another LED is provided to indicate major CAN bus errors, such as Bus Off.

Configuration of transmit messages, which may be transmitted on a key press, manually or automatically in response to a specific message being received.

PCANopen Magic supports all Peak CAN interfaces such as:

  • CAN PCI Express

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CAN-USB Adapter Option

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GC-CAN-CANOPEN-MAGIC Software Only PCANopen Magic

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PCANOpen Magic

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