CANopen Protocol Training - 4-hour Virtual Training Course


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Manufacturer: emotas embedded communication GmbH

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Product Information

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2 2-hour segments on Wednesday, June 12 with a 30 minute break in the middle. 

The online classroom environment will give students the opportunity to interact with the instructor in real time during the training.

The training is designed to lead students through a quick recap of the underlying CAN protocol and then move into a high level understanding of CANopen before moving into the details of the protocol including: SDO’s, PDO’s, Transfer Types, Error  messaging, and more.

See below for the complete class outline.

Dates :  Times : 
June 12, 2024
9:30 am - 2:00 pm (central time US)



  • Basic understanding of CAN (identifiers, CAN message structure, arbitration)


  • Recap of CAN properties
  • CANopen device model
  • Object dictionary and objects
  • Overview about CANopen device and application profiles
  • Service Data Object (SDO)
  • Expedited Transfer
  • Segmented Transfer
  • 30 Minute Break
  • Process Data Object (PDO)
  • Emergency messages
  • NMT and Error Control messages
  • SYNC
  • EDS files
  • LSS (optional, if time permits)


Meet The Expert

Torsten Gedenk

Managing Director, emotas embedded communication GmbH

Torsten Gedenk, born in 1979. He studied electrical engineering with focus on programming of microcontrollers at Fachhochschule Mittweida/Germany. During an internship semester in 2001 he made comprehensive experience with CAN and CANopen. As a consequence his diploma thesis was about the development of a CANopen Configuration tool, which has been realized later on.

Apart from his management activities he is responsible for the development of CANopen, J1939, UDS, EnergyBus and EtherCAT tools. He also holds CANopen and EnergyBus seminars in Germany and abroad

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