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ComBricks 1 Channel SCOPE Repeater Module


MPN: 101-201210

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The new ComBricks 1 Channel SCOPE Repeater modules allow you to add remote oscilloscope monitoring for those troubling PROFIUBS segments. The new SCOPE modules are the only product on the market that actually provides remote troubleshooting capability using an oscilloscope. All that's needed is a device with a web browser and network access to the ComBricks head station. Up until now, only "live list" and statistical monitoring were possible.

Using the ComBricks email alerts, an email (that can be converted into a text message by most wireless providers) can be sent when an event, such as a "station lost" occurs. Then users can pull up the scope images for the segment on your web browser, and help diagnose the problem.

Modular PROFIBUS Scope Repeaters

The current trend with PROFIBUS projects is to highly segment the installation using repeaters, fiber optics and ProfiHubs. In this way, many of the common faults, such as grounding, shielding and other cabling difficulties are isolated and minimized. COMbricks complements this trend by adding another important element; the creation of modular repeater hubs that can be maintained remotely with a permanent internal ProfiTrace.

With the new Scope repeaters, the ability to use an oscilloscope to see those common cabling related problems remotely, further leverages technical staff, providing the ability for off-site technical experts to help on-site technicians locate and correct those problems.

COMbricks is based on a backplane into which 10 hot swapable repeater modules with 2 channels each can be inserted (for a total of 20 galvanically isolated, transparent segments). Every channel can handle 31 devices and maximum 1200 meter cable length (varies, based on the baudrate).

The bus redundancy technology of the repeater modules is very advanced. A redundant system with 10 parallel network cables can be built. This architecture provides extremely high availability. Most suppliers only allow 2 cables.

Typical applications:

  • Repeaters with permanent ProfiTrace
  • Removable drives and motors
  • Star, tree and bus structured networks
  • Motor control centers (drawers)
  • Redundancy for high availability networks
  • EMC vulnerable applications
  • Spur lines
  • Isolation for sensitive devices

ProfiTrace OE + SCOPE, Remote monitoring and troubleshooting in a web browser

Permanent and simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 PROFIBUS networks is a powerful feature of COMbricks. Remote PROFIBUS Networks and a shortage of (qualified)technical staff, are causing significant network management problems. COMbricks offers a solution by remotely monitoring PROFIBUS installations over the Internet and by providing email alerts to key personnel.

COMbricks does not require any PC software. You can use any device with a web browser (e.g. PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone) to view network information in an understandable format (ProfiTrace OE + SCOPE). Moreover a constant connection with a PC to the COMbricks is NOT necessary. The information will be there waiting whenever you pull up the COMbricks ProfiTrace OE web-pages in your browser.

The monitoring and logging is performed by the repeater modules which are inserted in the backplane. COMbricks is the first system that has integrated the busmonitor into actual network components that serve another purpose (repeaters). Deploying COMbricks repeaters for regular automation means an automatic availability of ProfiTrace OE.

E-mail messages provide real-time alerts should malfunctions be detected in the PROFIBUS installation. These can be easily set up through ProfiTrace OE's configuration pages.

A brand new functionality within ProfiTrace OE is the device location detection. It gives a detailed overview of on which repeater segment the devices are installed.


  • Each COMBricks Head Station can drive 32 modules(10 high-speed modules)
  • A Wide range of modules (beyond repeaters) will soon be available
  • Powerful web server - ProfiTrace OE for monitoring up to 4 networks
  • Modules are hot swappable and different types may be intermixed
  • Extendible backplane
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • IP 20

Cascading depth No limit
Channels 31 devices per channel
Compatible backplane units 101-200011, 101-200023, 101-200012
Dimensions PROFIBUS Cable Diameter (screw terminals): <1.5 mm2
Mpn 101-201210

Frequency: 192 MS/s

Resolution: 50 mV

Differential Range: -6.436..6.436V

Power consumption +/- 300mA
Product power supply Provided through the backplane
Profibus networks 4 (set by dip-switches or webserver)
Protocols DP-V0, DP-V1, DP-V2, FDL, MPI, FMS, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive and any other FDL based protocol
Redundancy Max 10 cables activated by switch
Termination Integrated, switchable
Transmission speed 9.6 kbps up to 12 Mbps (auto detect)
Type Stranded or solid-core wire


ComBricks 1 Channel SCOPE Repeater Module Datasheet View (PDF)
ComBricks User Manual View (PDF)


ComBricks DWG Drawing Download (ZIP)

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