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ComBricks 8 Channel PROFIBUS Digital Output Module

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MPN: 101-210110

Manufacturer: Procentec

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Product Information

Product Description

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The ComBricks 8 channel digital output module allows you to build up a ComBricks system to respond to network events, or to create PROFINET remote I/O systems. The module has eight digital outputs, rated for 24VDC and 0.5 A per channel. The module’s outputs can also be controlled manually or by a timer through the web server (Output Control menu). In addition, the module will be able to be used in the future to create PROFIBUS DP slaves with I/O.

The outputs can be configured in the ComBricks web server (Output Control menu) to respond directly to bus problems such as: bus voltage too low, master lost and retries. This unique feature allows applications to directly and independently act on the machine / process when the bus communication becomes unreliable. This is especially important when there are human safety or environmental impacts when a system goes down.

Power switches, hold switches, indicators, backup systems, device I/O, doors and LED towers are examples of devices that can be hooked up to the outputs.

The configured settings are saved and activated after reset or power-up.


  • Digital Output modules can be used in combination with any other type of COMbricks modules in the same system.
  • Each relay has its own 3 pole Terminal Block Connector. Connect pins 1 & 2 for Normally Open and pins 2 & 3 for Normally closed relays
  • Up to 31 Digital Output and Relay modules may be combined in a single COMbricks system.
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Back-plane extender included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Documents and Drivers


ComBricks 8 Channel PROFIBUS Digital Output Module Datasheet

ComBricks User Manual


ComBricks DWG Drawing



  • Support for up to 10 High Speed Modules
  • Up to 32 Modules Total
  • Controllers: Web server, PROFINET IO device, DP slave

Compatible Backplane Units

101-200011, 101-200023, 101-200012


140 x 110 x 25 mm


Digital Outputs:

  • 8 DOs on 1 connector
  • 0.5 A per DO (direct load)
  • 15..30 VDC (depends on provided voltage)
  • 0.211 Ohm loss per DO

DO Connector:

  • 10 Pins connector (DOs + 2 x DGND)
  • < 1.5 mm2 wire diameter
  • Stranded or solid core wire

DO power connector:

  • 3 Pins connector (+24VDC, DGND, Shield)
  • < 2.5 mm2 wire diameter
  • Stranded or solid core wire

Internal Web Server

Required Head Station firmware: V1.264 and later

  • Every channel can be customized
  • Manual ON/OFF
  • Timer ON/OFF
  • Event: Retries, Lost, Bus voltage too low, etc



Power Consumption

290 mA current consumption

Power Supply

Provided through the backplane

Product Weight

105 g

Temperature Range

0°C to +60°C (32°F to +140°F)

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