ComBricks PROFIBUS DP Monitoring Kit with SCOPE


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The ComBricks PROFIBUS DP Monitoring kit with SCOPE provides 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting of PROFIBUS DP networks. With the ProfiTrace OE built into the ComBricks Head Station, and the oscilloscope built into the DP module, this is an extremely powerful pro-active tool for remote monitoring/troubleshooting over Ethernet. The kit does not require any changes to the PLC Master program, and it does not have a PROFIBUS address. It just “sniffs” the activity on your network and lets you monitor it remotely over the network using just a web browser.

This SCOPE monitoring kit includes the PROFIBUS live list, bar graph, Oscilloscope, statistics and email/SNMP event notification and more. In addition, there is one relay on the Head Station that can be used to turn on a light tower, or a back-up system, etc. in response to network events such as station lost, low voltage syncs ,etc. If more relays are needed, just snap in a 4 channel relay module!

The ComBricks DP SCOPE monitoring kit is ideal for PROFIBUS DP networks with one segment (no repeaters). It can be installed anywhere on the segment provided it has room for an additional bus load (in PROFIBUS DP each segment can have 32 bus loads). The kit can also be installed at the end of the segment and act as an Active Terminator! Active terminators are advised at the end of segments so that the PROFIBUS DP Connector of the last device can be removed without losing termination. Note that PROFIBUS Terminators require power that comes from the device, so when the cable is removed from the last device to do service or maintenance, termination is lost.

ComBricks PROFIBUS DP Monitoring Kit 1 Segment Setup

If there is more than one segment on the network, then additional SCOPE cards can be added. Up to 10 segments with SCOPE can be monitored with one ComBricks system. The SCOPE kit can be used on networks with more than segment without adding additional scope cards, however the Oscilloscope and Bar Graph functions will only work for the devices on segment to which the kit is attached. The devices on the other segments can still be monitored on the Live List and Statistics, but there will be no scope images for those devices.

ComBricks PROFIBUS DP Monitoring Kit Multiple Segment Setup

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Comes complete with 1 Head Station Type 1C and 1 1-channel PROFIBUS DP SCOPE module.

  • Automatically detects the baud rate of the network.
  • Termination Switch.
  • Up to 4 PROFIBUS DP networks (with other optional modules) may be monitored.
  • DIN-rail mount.
  • 1 year warranty.

Documents and Drivers


Head Station Technical Datasheet

SCOPE Repeater Technical Datasheet

ComBricks User Manual


How To Build A Better PROFIBUS Network Using ComBricks (1 hour)


COMbricks Product CD



4 Networks selectable with switches

Baud Rate

Auto Detect

Cable Length

1200 m dependent on baud rate


  • 31 devices per channel
  • 1DP Network per channel


  • Removable screw terminals
  • 1 DB9
  • uSD card holder for 32GB (SD and SDHC)
  • USB for firmware updates


200 mA consumption


All Modules: 140 x 110 x 25 mm

Included in Box

  • 1 COMbricks Head Station Type 1C (GC-PB-CB-HS-1C)
  • 1 COMbricks 1 Channel Scope Repeater Module (GC-PB-CB-1CH-SC)

Internal Web Server

Includes ProfiTrace OE

  • Status of all modules
  • Live List
  • Statistics
  • Message Recording
  • Email and log on PROFIBUS events
  • System Log




DIN Mount




PROFIBUS: 4 (set by dip-switches or webserver)


  • Frequency: 192 MS/s
  • Resolution: 50 mV
  • Differential Range: -6.436..6.436V

Power Supply

  • Head Station: Redundant
  • Operating Voltage - 11..26 VDC
  • Backplane Current - 2.5 A

Product Weight

0.65 lb


  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
  • 2 bits delay time
  • No address required

Switch Option


Temperature Range

0°C to +60°C (32°F to +140°F)

Transmission Speed

9.6 kbps up to 12 Mbps (auto detect)


Stranded or solid-core wire

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