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ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler Module


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The ComBricks PROFIBUS PA segment coupler module enables seamless integration to PROFIBUS PA. The coupler powers the attached PA devices and forwards telegrams coming from the ComBricks backplane. With ProfiTrace OE and the oscilloscope, this product is extremely powerful for remote maintenance over Ethernet and the use of asset management tools. ComBricks comes with free CommDTM software!

The coupler module can be combined with other ComBricks modules for 3 primary applications:

  1. 1. Combined with a Type 3 Head station and used behind an existing coupler as a permanent monitoring tool
  2. 2. Combined with a Type 1 Head station and a PROFIBUS repeater card as a PROFIBUS DP/PA coupler
  3. 3. Combined with a Type 3 Head station and a PROFIBUS repeater card as a PROFIBUS DP/PA coupler with monitoring

The PA segment coupler does not require configuration and operates the same way as regular ComBricks repeaters for PROFIBUS DP. The coupler has several advantages when compared to other existing couplers on the market:

  • Transparent on 9.6 kbps up to 1.5 Mbps.
  • Customizable PA voltage.
  • Can directly replace 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers.
  • PA monitor behind existing 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers.
  • Very small dimensions.

The ComBricks backplane can handle 10 PA coupler modules or a mix of PA modules with other communication modules.

The integrated PA termination is automatically activated when the module works as a regular PA coupler. It is switched off in the monitoring mode.

CommDTM for ComBricks

The free ComBricks CommDTM provides FDT 1.2 based asset management tools such as FieldCare and PACTware a powerful Ethernet pass through to access PROFIBUS DP and PA devices which are connected behind ComBricks repeater modules.

The internal DP-V1 class 2 masters in the ComBricks Head Station are able to drive 2 out of 4 networks divided over the repeater modules. When a network connection is closed, the user can enter another network. The 2 active networks are managed by 1 or 2 PC Ethernet connections.

The CommDTM provides the same auto baudrate detection facilities as ProfiCaptain. It detects all busparameters before it goes online.

All ComBricks functions, like the integrated ProfiTrace busmonitor and oscilloscope work simultaneously with the CommDTM.

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  • PA modules can be used in combination with any other type of COMbricks modules in the same system.
  • Integrated oscilloscope for examining messages on the PA cable.
  • Transparent on 9.6 kbps up to 1.5 Mbps.
  • Customizable PA voltage.
  • Can be combined to build up to 4 DP/PA couplers for 4 networks on a single system.
  • Can be used as a DP/PA Coupler for a single network with any combination of 10 Profibus PA and DP segments
  • Gateway for use of the free CommDTM software for asset management using FDT tools like PACTware or FieldCare
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Back-plane extender included
  • 1 Year Warranty
Backplane Support for up to 10 High Speed Modules, Up to 32 Modules Total
Dimensions 140 x 110 x 25 mm
Indicators led Diagnostic LEDs

PROFIBUS PA cable specifications:

  • Max. 1900 m cable length (depends on trunk current)
  • < 2.5 mm2 wire diameter (stranded or solid core)
  • Automatic PA termination (ON in coupler mode)

Connector specifications:

  • 2 Removable PA screw terminals (1-on-1)
  • PA-, PA+
  • SH (direct grounding)
  • I (indirect grounding)

Removable power connector:

  • -, + (11 .. 28 V)
  • SH (direct grounding)

PROFIBUS DP specifications:

  • No address required
  • Tslot has to be adjusted
Internal web server
  • Oscilloscope images of connected devices (diff.)
  • Last, Min, Max bus signals
  • Bar graph of connected devices
  • Email on telegram errors and low bus signals
Mpn 101-201610

PROFIBUS PA power specifications:

  • 10 - 27 V customizable PA trunk voltage (Non-Ex)
  • 500 mA trunk current
  • 10 mA current consumption (in all modes)
  • 32 devices (depends on current consumption)
  • 31.25 kbps PA signal
Power consumption +/- 350mA
Product power supply Provided through the backplane
Product weight 133 g
Profibus networks 4 (set by dip-switches or webserver)
Protocols DP-V0, DP- V1, DP-V2, FDL, MPI, FMS, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive and any other FDL based protocol
Temperature range Operating temperature: 0 - 60 °C
Transmission speed 9.6 kbps - 1.5 Mbps (auto detection and including 45.45 kbps)


ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler Module Datasheet View (PDF)
ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler Module Datasheet View (PDF)
ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler Module User Manual View (PDF)


ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler Module DWG Drawing Download (ZIP)


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