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ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Monitoring Kit



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Authorized North America Distributor StampThe ComBricks PROFIBUS PA monitoring kit is ideal for use behind existing 3rd party DP/PA couplers to provide 24/7 monitoring of PROFIBUS PA segments. With the ProfiTrace OE built into the ComBricks Head Station, and the oscilloscope in the PA module, this is extremely powerful pro-active tool for remote maintenance over Ethernet.

The monitoring kit can be expanded to monitor an additional three PA segments or up to 9 PROFIBUS DP segments by adding additional PA and DP modules. The ComBricks backplane can any combination of 10 PA or DP modules. Just snap in the additional modules as needed!

The integrated PA termination is automatically deactivated when used in monitor mode.

CommDTM for ComBricks

The free ComBricks CommDTM provides FDT 1.2 based asset management tools such as FieldCare and PACTware a powerful Ethernet pass through to access PA devices which are connected behind ComBricks PROFIBUS PA modules.

The internal DP-V1 class 2 masters in the ComBricks Head Station are able to drive 2 out of 4 networks divided over the PA modules. When a network connection is closed, the user can enter another network. The 2 active networks are managed by 1 or 2 PC Ethernet connections.

The CommDTM provides the same auto baudrate detection facilities as ProfiCaptain. It detects all busparameters before it goes online.

All ComBricks functions, like the integrated ProfiTrace busmonitor and oscilloscope work simultaneously with the CommDTM.

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