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ComBricks RS485-Intrinsic Safety Scope Repeater


MPN 101-201410C

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The ComBricks RS485 is an Intrinsic Safety (IS) barrier that is used in potentially explosive atmospheres. This module offers the most advanced technology to remotely monitor IS segments over Ethernet and remain in the safe zones. The permanent mounting of the barrier allows the user to avoid contact after installation preventing hot permits or additional paperwork that would otherwise be necessary. It is intended to be installed outside the hazardous zones or in enclosed protection.

The RS485-IS complies with specification for PROFIBUS DP in IS while driving 31 RS485-IS devices. ProfiTrace and an Oscilloscope are also integrated for Intrinsic Safety.


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All modules are certified for use in EX zones, and the chain of control between the Manufacturer and Authorized Distributor must be maintained at all times. Once a module is sold to an end customer, the chain of control is broken, and the module can not be resold to another customer - even in the case of unopened/unused products.
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