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DeviceNet Detective 2 Handheld Diagnostic Tool



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Simplify factory floor management of any DeviceNet network with the Grid Connect DeviceNet Detective 2 Handheld Diagnostic Tool. This portable easy to use DeviceNet/CAN configuration and diagnostic tool is designed for simplicity of operation with a 320 x 240 OLED display and controlled by a rotary push dial. The device is protected by an IP20 enclosure. Power is provided by either 24V DeviceNet power or battery power.

The DeviceNet Detective 2 can be used on-site to

  • quickly identify and fix DeviceNet network problems, and
  • eliminate the training, expense, and complexity of notebook computer tools.


 The DeviceNet Detective 2 provides

  • an extensive set of DeviceNet/CAN configuration and diagnostic capabilities,
  • a complete listing of all devices on the network,  and
  • provides easy to understand information about all nodes such as address, baud rate, error conditions and messaging attributes.


A bus diagnostics feature provides a wealth of information about the dynamics of the network, and helps users focus on solving network node problems. Other functionality includes detection of the CAN bit rate, bus load measurement, and termination measurement. As well as receiving CAN messages, the DeviceNet Detective 2 can transmit either individual messages or entire sequences. In addition, an internal memory card allows tracing of the CAN/DeviceNet message traffic.

An integrated two-channel oscilloscope enables visualization of the CAN signals. Single CAN IDs and various events can be used as triggers. CAN frames are decoded from the recorded signal, allowing for detection of errors in a frame.

Included in DeviceNet Detective 2 Kit Carrying Case

  • Handheld DeviceNet Detective 2 Diagnostic Tool
  • DeviceNet Detective 2 Cable with DB9 to Mini Connector
  • DeviceNet Detective 2 Cable with DB9 to Micro Connector
  • DeviceNet Detective 2 Cable with DB9 to Open Pluggable (Phoenix) Connector
  • 4 AA Rechargeable Battery, UL Listed
  • AA Battery Case

The knowledgeable and experienced engineers at Grid Connect provide complete technical support for the DeviceNet Detective 2. We offer phone support and on-line chat support during regular business hours.

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