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DSTni EX DIMM Module

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Manufacturer: Discontinued

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Product Information

Product Description

Small DSTni EX chip DIMM module provides a complete processor with Flash and SRAM memory on a small (1.5" x 2.66") board. The complete set of peripheral pins from the DSTni EX processor are brought out the gold edge connector. 

The DSTni EX is also used inside the XPort product.

DIMM Board Components:

The DSTni EX DIMM Module is compatible with LX/EX DIMM and LX development boards.


  • DSTni EX 120 MHz Processor
  • Small board 1.5" x 2.66", 144 Pin DIMM connector
  • 1M bytes SRAM
  • 2M (4M or 8M optional) bytes Flash
  • 4M bits Serial Flash
  • 2K Serial EEPROM
  • Watchdog timer and power monitor/reset circuit
  • JTAG connector
  • 3.3V operation
  • Compatible with LX/EX DIMM and development board

Documents and Drivers


DSTni EX DIMM Datasheet

DSTni EX DIMM Module User Guide

DSTni EX DIMM Example Schematic



  • 144 Pin DIMM connector
  • JTAG connector


DSTni EX 120 MHz Processor


  • 1M bytes SRAM
  • 2M (4M or 8M optional) bytes Flash
  • 4M bits Serial Flash
  • 2K Serial EEPROM



Watchdog Timer


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