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EMC-Test-Device for IO-Link



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The device generates an 8-bit random number which is read out by the master. During the test, the master should return this random number to the device in the next IO-Link cycle.

The device checks whether it receives the correct random number and then, increments an internal error counter if not. The error counter is also incremented if a checksum error or a parity error is detected on the device side.

The error count can be read out by the master via an IO-Link parameter after the test. In addition, the error counter value is also displayed by a 7-segment indicator.

When an error is detected the device generates a trigger signal at an optical output. A trigger box that converts the optical signal into a trigger pulse can be connected to the device. The trigger pulse supports developers in identifying possible issues on the master side.

The device can be configured by DIP-Switches to operate in one of 3 COM-speeds.

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