This product is discontinued and no longer available.

Suggested replacement: ESP32-DevKitC-32E - Development Kit with ESP32-WROOM-32E

ESP32-DevKitC ESP32 Module Development Kit

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Manufacturer: Espressif Systems

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The ESP32-DevKitC is a compact development board for the ESP32 Chip. It is easy to interface with I/O pins that lead out to pin sockets on both sides. Connect any of these pins to peripherals as needed. With standard pin sockets, development is much more convenient with this kit when using wire leads or pin headers.

This DevKitC is an AWS qualified development board. In addition to Espressif’s own ESP-IDF SDK, you can use Amazon FreeRTOS. Amazon FreeRTOS provides out-of-the-box connectivity with AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass, and other AWS services.

The development board comes with a mounted ESP-WROOM-32 module which includes the following features:

  • combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE for a variety of diverse applications
  • fully-equipped with 2 CPU cores that can be controlled and powered individually
  • adjustable clock frequency (80 MHz to 240 MHz)
  • USB-UART bridge
  • reset and boot-mode buttons
  • LDO regulator
  • micro-USB connector


By powering off the CPU, the low power co-processor can be used to constantly monitor the peripherals for changes or crossing of thresholds.

Package contents include:

  • ESP32-DevKitC board with a mounted ESP-WROOM-32 module
  • USB cable


Documents and Drivers


ESP-WROOM-32 Module Datasheet

ESP32 Specifications

ESP32-DevKitC Getting Started Guide

ESP32 Pin List

Simple Pair User Guide

Espressif IoT Development Framework Getting Started Guide

ESP-IDF Programming Guide

Amazon FreeRTOS Getting started with the Espressif ESP32-DevKitC and the ESP-WROVER-KIT


ESP32-DevKitC-V4 Reference Design

ESP32-DevKitC Flash Download Tools

ESP32 RF Performance Test




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