CANmod.gps: GPS-to-CAN with 3D Inertial Sensor and UDR


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Manufacturer: CSS Electronics ApS

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Product Information

Product Description

This standalone GPS-to-CAN module produces GNSS position and 3D inertial data (via a gyroscope & accelerometer) and outputs it via configurable CAN bus frames.

The module supports 'Untethered Dead Reckoning' - meaning that even if the GNSS signal is lost entirely, the module can deliver continuous positioning through IMU-based estimates (no external inputs required).

You can integrate the module with any CAN bus, e.g. vehicle networks or CAN hardware. As an example, you can use it as a plug & play add-on module for the CANedge.

Antenna Included


  • PLUG & PLAY: Standalone - no PC required. Integrate with any CAN bus to add GNSS/IMU data. DBC included
  • COMPACT: Only 7 x 2 x 5 CM. 70G. Alu enclosure. 4 LEDs. 5-26 V DC via DB9. USB for config/firmware
  • USE GLOBALLY: 1 Hz GNSS position. Hot start via battery backup. GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, GLONASS
  • INERTIAL DATA: Built-in gyroscope (roll, pitch, yaw) and accelerometer (X, Y, Z). 100 Hz frequency
  • SENSOR FUSION: High precision position and attitude data via sensor fusion of the GNSS/IMU
  • CONFIGURABLE: Configure CAN IDs, bit rate, data frequency & geofences via JSON config and GUI

Documents and Drivers


CANmod.gps Documents



  • Position: 2.5 m CEP (Circular Error Probable)
  • Heading: 1 degree (50% at 30 m/s)
  • Velocity: 0.05 m/s (50% at 30 m/s)


GPS antenna: u-blox ANN-MS-0-005 (SMA plug, 5 m cable, magnetic base, -40 to +85 degC, 48 x 40 x 13 mm)

Average Sensitivity

Tracking/Navigation: 160 dBm | Cold starts: 148 dBm | Hot starts: 157 dBm


CE, FCC, IC and RoHS certified


1 x CAN

Connection Modes

The device can either broadcast the data onto the CAN bus - or provide it on-request


1 x Standard D-sub 9 (DB9) connector

Data Bits

Bit Rate: Select between standard bit rates (5K to 1M) or use custom bit-timing


Compact aluminium enclosure: 52.5 x 70.0 x 24.5 mm (L x W x H) excl. antenna


Individually configure prescaling of the default message frequencies to lower rates


+5V to +26V DC via the DB9 connector (power via pin 1 or pin 9)


Module can be mounted via e.g. rugged double-sided tape, zip-ties or a mounting bracket



Power Consumption

Extremely low (<1W) - no risk of battery drainage

Product Weight



  • Reverse voltage protection on CAN-bus supply
  • Transient voltage event protection on supply lines


  • Sensor Fusion (UDR): Enhanced position precision via sensor fusion (UDR) of GNSS and 3D IMU (automotives only)
  • Professional-grade u-blox NEO-M8U (72-channel) sensor with built-in gyroscope and accelerometer


CAN Signals

  • GNSS position: Longitude and latitude information [1 Hz]
  • GNSS time: Precise GNSS based epoch timestamp [1 Hz]
  • GNSS status: Fix type (NO/UDR/2D/3D/GNSS+UDR) and sattelite count [1 Hz]
  • GNSS speed: Travel speed in meters/second [1 Hz]
  • GNSS altitude: Altitude information in meters [1 Hz]
  • GNSS attitude/orientation: Roll, pitch, heading [1 Hz]
  • GNSS odometer: Distance traveled (since power on and total) [1 Hz]
  • 3D IMU: Gyroscope-based angular rate (X, Y, Z) and accelerometer-based acceleration (X, Y, Z) [100 Hz]
  • Geofences: Status of the configured geofences [1 Hz]


ISO 11898: Compliant with CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s)

Temperature Range

-25°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)


Termination can be toggled via switch below DB9 connector


1-year warranty

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