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The LoRa™ Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Door Contact is a wireless sensor with an external LoRa antenna to increase broadcasting strength through walls and buildings (up to 250 meters indoors). The dual temperature and humidity sensor is designed for use within IT cabinets, secured storage, and closed spaces. The connected door contact provides a security check and can be matched with the data captured from the temperature and humidity sensor for additional environment monitoring. For example, ignore temperature changes when a door remains open for an extended time.

The sensor connects to the L-DCIM gateway (sold separately) with AKCPro software for data collection and tracking. Receive alerts when parameters are outside the specified ranges and synchronize video feeds with sensor data using the camera integration.

The weatherproof IP54 rated enclosure allows the sensor to operate in all environments and offers various mounting possibilities. For the best placement of the sensors, they are available with multiple cable lengths of 5 Ft., 10 Ft., 15 Ft., as well as a base sensor option with a stationary sensor attached to the unit and a 5 Ft. cable for the door contact.

The sensor can be powered by four (4) internal batteries or by an external micro-USB power source, leaving the batteries for back-up support. The batteries are guaranteed a 10-year life-span when broadcasting every 15 minutes.


Common Applications Include:

  • Data Centers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Warehousing
  • Cold Storage
  • Distribution Centers


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GC-AK-LBTHD Product Image GC-AK-LBTHD Base Sensor LBTHD
GC-AK-LBTHD Product Image GC-AK-LBTHD-5 5 Ft. Cable LBTHD-5
GC-AK-LBTHD Product Image GC-AK-LBTHD-10 10 Ft. Cable LBTHD-10
GC-AK-LBTHD Product Image GC-AK-LBTHD-15 15 Ft. Cable LBTHD-15
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