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MPN 101-824520-US, 101-824530-US, 101-825520-US, 101-825530-US

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Authorized North America Distributor Stamp The Mercury 10” EIPPN Kit has a modern robust cross platform software, Osiris, for troubleshooting, monitoring, maintaining and commissioning Industrial EtherNet/IP and PROFINET networks.


The software is preloaded onto a 2 in 1 portable device that is a rugged tablet and a laptop with remote and wireless connections for mobility anywhere. The software provides an easy user interface for a quick view of the health and quality of a network. Besides diagnostic capabilities, there is a Commissioning Wizard to help with certifications. For monitoring, this kit includes an EtherTAP to capture packets and send information to the Mercury. Licenses for EtherTAP and the Commissioning Wizard are included.

Mercury 10” device
The Mercury device can be used as a rugged tablet or a laptop. The pre-loaded Osiris software provides high tech troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities for industrial Ethernet networks. . The software interface is easy to use, has a remote and wireless connection, and mobility for anywhere and anyplace. The 10” screen provides easy to view topologies, graphs and tables. The dashboard and the topology views can be customized. Device lists and alarm lists can be exported to make it easy to document issues or do further analysis. There is a Q-Factor feature that uses a weighted algorithm to score the quality of the network.

EtherTAP is a monitoring device for Ethernet networks. It sends feed information to Osiris for analysis. The device is available with Fast Ethernet (10/100) or 1G Ethernet. The analysis license is included.

Commissioning Wizard
The Commissioning Wizard is integrated in the Osiris software. It automates commissioning of PROFINET networks making it easy to prepare certification reports. The license for the wizard is included.

Browser Requirements
• Must support HTML5 and JavaScript
• Minimum versions for supported browsers
- Chrome version 46 or higher (Optimal Performance)
- Edge version 25 or higher
- Firefox version 42 or higher
- Safari version 5 or higher

Mercury 10" EIPPN Kit includes:
1 x Mercury 10” (101-830220), (4G modem included with 4G Modem option)
1 x PN Commissioning Wizard (101-700201),
1 x EtherTAP: PROFINET Analysis License (101-700204 ) ,
1 x Ethernet/IP Commissioning Wizard (101-700206),
1 x EtherTAP:1 x EtherTAP: Ethernet/IP Analysis License, (101-700205 ),
1 x EtherTAP 10/100 (513-00011A) or EtherTAP 1G (513-00021A) based on Ethernet Type option,
1 x Netilities (39020),
1 x TAP Din Rail Mount (70010057),
1 x RJ45 to RJ45 3 meter Cable (123-637GRR3),
1 x RJ45 to M12 3 meter Cable (123-642EMR3),
1 x 360 degree hand strap (101-820221),
1 x Carrying Case (101- 820222),
1 x Osiris Software (101-700100)


Order Summary


Ethernet Type

Modem Option

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-MERCURY-10-100-EIPPN-KIT 10/100 Ethernet No cellular modem 101-824520-US
GC-MERCURY-10-1G-EIPPN-KIT 1G Ethernet No cellular modem 101-825520-US
GC-MERCURY-10-100-4G-EIPPN-KIT 10/100 Ethernet 4G cellular modem 101-824530-US
GC-MERCURY-10-1G-4G-EIPPN-KIT 1G Ethernet 4G cellular modem 101-825530-US
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