NET232+ Modbus RS232 Adapter (RTU / ASCII / TCP): Terminal Block - DTE - Male 9 Pin RS232 Connector


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Product Information

Product Description

Made in the USA

The NET232+ Modbus is the next generation of advanced serial device servers from Grid Connect. While offering several key improvements over its predecessor, the NET232+ Modbus is backward compatible with the original NET232 Modbus. The new “PLUS” provides a simple solution enabling RS232 serial devices to connect to the network via Ethernet and TCP/IP (RJ45). Use the NET232+ Modbus to extend the life and utility of existing RS232 serial devices.

If you have a serial port using Modbus RTU/ASCII, now it can become a Modbus TCP Ethernet port with no changes to your software. The NET232+ Modbus is a simple device with software all packaged inside a simple cable. It simply takes your serial Modbus data stream and converts it to Modbus TCP Ethernet packets with no changes to your software.

The NET232+ Modbus is preloaded with Modbus firmware and requires no changes by the customer. It maps all current serial Modbus commands and registers to Ethernet Modbus TCP commands and registers.


Order Summary



Connector Serial DB9

Power Supply

Manufacturer Part #

GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-110 DCE (female) 110V - U.S./North America GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-110
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-220 DCE (female) 220V - Europe (Except U.K.) GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-220
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-TB DCE (female) 5-30V Terminal Block GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-TB
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-U DCE (female) Universal GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DCE-U
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-110 DTE (male) 110V - U.S./North America GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-110
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-220 DTE (male) 220V - Europe (Except U.K.) GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-220
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-TB DTE (male) 5-30V Terminal Block GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-TB
GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-U DTE (male) Universal GC-NET232-PLUS-MB-DTE-U


  • Local or Worldwide Ethernet 10/100M or Internet Connection
  • Supports Multiple Modbus/TCP Connections (up to 10)
  • Modbus Serial baud rates (300 up to15.2K)
  • Simple Web Page Configuration
  • Industrial Temperature Range -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Push Button Factory Default Reset
  • Ethernet activity, Power LED's
  • RS232 Serial Cable 18 in. (male DTE or female DCE option)
  • Adapter or Terminal Block for Power Supply
  • Compact Size (63.5 x 42.7 x 20.2 mm)
  • UL and CE, RoHS Compliant

Documents and Drivers


NET232+ Modbus Datasheet

NET232+ Modbus User Manual

Comparison of NET232+ Modbus and NET232 Modbus

NET232+ Modbus REACH Certification


Current DeviceInstaller


Baud Rate

Modbus Serial: 300 up to 115.2K



Configuration Methods

Web and Telnet configuration


63.5 x 42.7 x 20.2 mm

Indicators LED

Ethernet Link and Activity, Status, Power


  • Local or Worldwide Ethernet 10/100M or Internet Connection
  • RS232 Serial Cable 18 in. (male DTE or female DCE option)



Power Supply

AC Power adapter, 500mA @ 9VDC or Terminal Block

Serial Interface(s)


Serial Types


Temperature Range

-40ºC to 85ºC (-40ºF to 185ºF)

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