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Netilities - PROFINET Diagnostic and Engineering Tool

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MPN: 39020

Manufacturer: Procentec

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Visualize and troubleshoot any PROFINET network with the Netilities PROFINET diagnostic and engineering tool. Netilities is a simple and efficient graphical software tool useful for engineering, monitoring and troubleshooting PROFINET installations. The software is stored on and run from a USB dongle that can be moved between PCs. Connection to the PROFINET network is made via the PC's Ethernet port or via an interface to an EtherTAP via USB. Netilities runs on most standard Windows PCs.

Netilities generates a real time live list of the PROFINET network and detects devices in Data Exchange. The live list is color coded and provides detailed configuration and status information. Network statistics (cycle times, error counts, alarms, traffic levels, etc.) can be viewed to monitor system operations and current conditions. Detailed reports can be generated and saved in PDF format.

The list of detectable PROFINET faults identified by Netilities includes:

  • General Communication Faults
  • Configuration Faults
  • Lost/Missing Device
  • Wrong Device Name
  • Duplicate Device Name
  • Duplicate IP Address

Netilities can be used to set device names and IP addresses for configuration purposes. The tool is also very useful for PROFINET education and training.


  • Easy to Use Real Time PROFINET Diagnostic Tool
  • Color Coded Live List of the Entire PROFINET Network
  • Detailed Device Information
  • Info Panel for Troubleshooting Network Problems
  • Performance Statistics with Bar Graph Data Display (Cycle Times, Error Counts, Alarms, etc.)
  • Network Topology Scan Based on SNMP and LLDP
  • Detects Communication, Configuration, Naming and Lost/Missing Faults
  • Import GSD Files
  • Software on a USB Dongle that can be used on Multiple PCs
  • Uses Standard PC Ethernet Port or interfaces with a ProfiTap
  • Detailed Reporting (PDF)
  • Network Info Save and Load Capabilities
  • Suitable for other Ethernet Based Systems
  • Runs on Standard Windows PCs

Documents and Drivers


Netilities Quick Start Guide

Netilities User Manual

Netilities Report Example




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