NETIO PowerCable 101S - Wi-Fi Remote Power Switches - IEC320 Plug and Socket


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MPN: PowerCable REST 101S

Manufacturer: NETIO

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Product Information

Product Description

The NETIO PowerCable 101S is a smart Wi-Fi power socket for integration with third-party systems using its open API (10 protocols). Use the PowerCable to measure electricity consumption and switch its output on/off using one of the 10 Open API protocols, the web interface, NETIO Cloud, or the mobile app. PowerCable 101S supports the industry-standard Modbus/TCP protocol for M2M communication.

The PowerCable is an industrial smart power extension cable with a Wi-Fi connection to a LAN. Its web interface can be used to configure the device, display theenergy metering values of an attached load (V, A, kWh, W, Hz, TruePF)and turn on/off the controlled output power socket.

The PowerCable 101S can be used for industrial applications. The product operates in a wide temperature range, supports FW upgrades over the web, can be controlled using a documented API, supports accurate energy metering, is capable of switching up to 16A when the current crosses the zero level, and more.

The PowerCable 101S can be controlled with the NETIO Mobile2app. Use an Android device withthe app to control the outputs of multiple NETIO products.

NETIO Cloud is a TLS-secured service for controlling the outputs from anywhere and monitoring the electricity measurement data.

Open API allows controlling the outputs over the network using various protocols (http XML/JSON, Modbus/TCP, MQTT, SNMP, Telnet and more).

AV drivers make it easy to connect NETIO sockets to professional Audio/Video systems such as Neets, CRESTRON, Control4 and more.


Features of the NETIO PowerCable 101X - IEC-320 sockets

    ZCS (Zero Current Switching)
    ZCS (Zero Current Switching) function ensures that the relay contact is closed at the moment of zero voltage and opened at the moment when zero current flows through it.
    Closing and opening at these exact moments has a number of advantages:
  • The negative effects of inrush current on the lifetime of the relay in the NETIO device are significantly reduced.
  • Reduced probability of a circuit breaker tripping in the circuit branch where the appliance with a high inrush current is connected.
  • Significantly improved lifetime of switching supplies in appliances that are connected to the socket (especially in case of frequent switching on and off).
  • Significantly reduced electromagnetic interference caused by repeated switching on and off.
  • Zero current switching (ZCS) significantly improves the lifetime of the PowerCable and the connected end devices. This function is particularly important in case of frequent switching.

    IOC (Independent Output Control)
    Independent Output Control function of the PowerCable uses an independent system that ensures a stable operation of the output even if the main system is being restarted, updated, or is booting.
    Thanks to IOC, the controlled output can power devices that, for technical reasons, must be powered without interruption (such as servers). The output control is completely independent from the WiFi or LAN communication subsystem.

    PowerUp State
    The PowerUp State parameter (sometimes also called Cold start) defines the behavior of the 110/230V power output during the first milliseconds to seconds after powering up the device, before the LAN/WiFi communication with a master system is established.
    For some applications, it is important to set the correct state of a power output immediately after power is turned on (or restored). With servers in particular it is important to avoid undesired momentary switching.
    Possible settings for PowerCable
  • On
  • Off
  • LAST state restores the last state before the power was disconnected

  • Quick WiFi connection setup (AP mode installation)
  • NETIO PowerCable creates a WiFi network that you connect to with your PC or mobile phone.
  • It then scans for WiFi networks in the vicinity, and lets you choose from a list and type the password.
  • NETIO PowerCable then confirms the connection to the network and displays the assigned IP address.
  • NETIO PowerCable devices can be discovered in the LAN using the NETIO Discover tool.

  • NFC Preconfig
    PowerCable can be pre-configured using NFC even without being switched on.
    This require a mobile phone with Android system, NFC function and mobile application "NETIO Mobile 2“.
    The settings configured over NFC will be applied when the device is powered on.
    In this way, it is possible to configure or show:
  • Set SSID and password for connecting to WiFi
  • Show assigned IP address in DHCP mode
  • For authentication, the existing password to the web administration “admin” account is used (default “admin” / “admin”).

Documents and Drivers


NETIO PowerCable 101X Flyer View (PDF)
NETIO PowerCable 101X Datasheet View (PDF)
NETIO PowerCable 101X Quick Installation Guide View (PDF)



up to 10Amp


Plastic housing IP30. No mechanical mounting180 x 40 x 30 mm + 2x 0.55m cable


Plug: IEC-320 C14


  • Wi-Fi (802.11bg)
  • 1 Push button
  • 2 LED Indicators
  • MPN

    PowerCable REST 101S


    Plug: IEC-320 C13




    Built-in with World-wide approvals


    312g, 11oz


    -10°C to +65°C (14°F to +149°F)


    110-230VAC, 50/60 hz

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