NIST2 Temperature Sensor: 1 Foot Cable


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Manufacturer: AKCP Co Ltd.

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Product Information

Product Description

Authorized North America Distributor StampThe NIST2 temperature sensor features a built in calibration check. Each unit has 2x NIST calibrated and certified temperature sensor. The primary sensor value is checked by the secondary sensor, and if it detects a range of greater than the stated accuracy an alert is issued that the sensor is out of calibration.

This type of temperature sensor is ideal for situations where a high degree of accuracy is required and assurance of the calibration state is needed.


Order Summary



Cable Length

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-AK-TMP01-NIST2 1 Foot fixed
GC-AK-TMP00-NIST2 5 Feet included
GC-AK-TMPxx-NIST2 Custom (contact us) TMPxx-NIST2


  • Added Protection
    The stainless steel tubing helps to protect the temperature sensor from everyday use in busy server room environments.
  • Water-Resistant Sensor Housing
    The stainless steel tube reduces the risk of sensor failures caused by water damage.
  • Easy To Install 
  • Includes clips for easy installation in server cabinets
  • Custom-length cables suitable for any installation
  • Range extended up to 900ft (274m) with standard CAT5 cable 
  • Semiconductor, microprocessor-controlled type temperature sensor
  • Can be extended up to 900ft (274m) with standard CAT5 cable
  • Own SNMP OID for data collection over a network
  • 0.5ºC resolution

Documents and Drivers


NIST2 Temperature Sensor Datasheet


Cable Length

  • TMP00 with SPX+ - extendable to 1000 feet (300 meters) with low capacitance shielded UTP cable
  • TMP00 with SP2+ / SP1+ - extendable to 600ft (180 meters) with low capacitance shielded UTP cable
  • TMP01 - 1ft


  • NIST traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Built in calibration check, alerts when sensor needs re-calibration

Communications cable

RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable


56 x 55 x 33.3 mm (2.2 x 2.17 x 1.31 inch)

Measurement Accuracy

sensorProbe+ series and securityProbe series

  • ±0.2°C accuracy from -10°C to +75°C
  • ±0.5°F accuracy from +14°F to +167°F

sensorProbe series

  • ±1°C accuracy from -10°C to +75°C
  • ±1°F accuracy from +14°F to +167°F

Measurement Range

-55°C to +75°C (-67°F to +167°F)

Measurement Resolution

securityProbe and sensorProbe+ series

  • 0.1°C increments
  • 0.2°F increments

sensorProbe series

  • 1ºC increments
  • 1ºF increments


Powered by the base units. No additional power needed

Power Consumption

Typical 7.25mWatt, 1.45mA

Sensor Type

Semiconductor, microprocessor controlled

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