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PA Probe Ultra


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The New ProfiTrace 2 PA Probe ultra allows you to interface directly onto a PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation) network. Your ProfiTrace 2 can now work with both PROFIBUS PA and PROFIBUS DP networks! The new PA Probe Ultra works with the oscilloscope Scopeware software added to ProfiTrace 2, so it is now possible to examine the signal on PA networks!

The PA Probe is a small but high-tech extension for the ProfiTrace analyzer that makes it possible to do measurements directly on the PA bus. With the PA Probe, you can use ProfiTrace 2 on DP as well as PA networks and finally cover all installations with 1 tool. This also includes the trigger output.

The PA Probe does NOT consume current from the coupler and can also interpret signals which are out of range. It has a connector with screw terminals so that the user can easily attach the PA Probe to the PA network. 


PA Probe Connected to PA Bus


Delivery: Ships same or next business day

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