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PCAN Diag FD - Handheld Diagnostic Tool for CAN FD Networks

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MPN: IPEH-003069

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The PCAN Diag FD is a powerful handheld diagnostic tool for CAN Bus networks. The tool provides a higher bandwidth for data transfers using the Flexible Data (FD) rate, allowing for a transfer rate of 64 data bytes per CAN FD frame with bit rates up to 12 Mbit/s. The Diag FD is downward compatible with the CAN 2.0 A/B standards and can be used with existing CAN networks.

This diagnostic tool receives all messages and can transmit individual messages or sequences while also detecting the CAN bus baud rate, bus load, and network termination.

With the built-in 2 channel oscilloscope displays, the CAN signals can be setup to trigger on start or end frames. The CAN frames are decoded based on analog curve and can detect errors in the frame.

The CAN Diag FD can be powered externally with the supplied cable or internally with recharging batteries.


Package Contents :

  • PCAN Diag FD
  • USB connector cable
  • HDMI/micro HDMI connection cable
  • Power supply unit (with changeable plugs for Euro, US, and UK)
  • Configuration software PCAN Diag FD Editor for Windows®
  • PCAN-Symbol Editor for Windows®
  • Conversion software PEAK-Converter for Windows®
  • Quick start guide (Printed)
  • User manual (PDF format)
  • Delivered in shockproof plastic box

General Overview

  • Portrait or landscape display depending on function and device orientation
  • External display using micro HDMI interface
  • Batteries can be recharged during operation
  • Device operates via push dial with 4 buttons
  • Internal memory card can also be used as USB mass storage when connected to a PC

Functions Overview

  • Switchable listen-only mode
  • Save messages to internal memory card
  • Use of decimal, hexadecimal, or binary
  • Save bus load time diagrams
  • Switchable CAN termination
  • Incoming messages displayed with symbols, taking into account enums, multiplexers, and ID ranges

Oscilloscope Function Overview

  • 2 channels with a maximum sample rate of 100 MHz
  • Display of CAN-High and CAN-Low signals and differences
  • Trigger configurations to various properties of messages
  • External measurement devices can be triggered with the banana jack, 4mm
  • Display of raw CAN and CAN FD frames
  • Decode CAN and CAN FD frames from recorded signal trace
  • Save data as CSV files
  • Extensive zoom functions
  • Time measurement with a resolution of up to 10 ns
  • Report function displays various properties and measuring data from CAN frame
CAN FD 567
CONNECTORS D-Sub : 9 pins
DIMENSIONS 110mm x 47mm x 206mm
DISPLAY TFT 800 x 480 pixel
INCLUDED SOFTWARE PCAN Diag Editor Software & PCAN Symbol Editor Software
INTERFACES Internal Memory Card for saving projects. Also can be used as a USB mass storage device when connected to a PC
MEMORY Internal memory card, up to 1 Megasamples
MPN IPEH-003069
PRODUCT POWER SUPPLY Internal rechargeable batteries or provided supply unit
RADIO CHANNELSBANDWIDTH 64 data bytes per CAN FD frame
    Operating (with external power supply) : 0°C (+32°F) to +40°C (+104°F)
    Operating (with internal batteries) : 0°C (+32°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
    Storage : -20°C (-4°F) to +50°C (+122°F)


PCAN Diag FD User Manual (PDF)

PCAN Diag FD Quick Start Guide (PDF)


PCAN Diag FD Package (ZIP)

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