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PCAN-MicroMod Analog / Digital Mix 3 Module


MPN: IPEH-002206

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The MicroMod M3 Module is a packaged version of the MicroMod CPU. Since only a limited set of the Micromod's inputs and outputs can be brought out to the terminal blocks, several packaged versions are available in different configurations. The Mix 3 (M3) Version has a specific mixture of inputs and outputs for use in a number of automotive and industrial applications. See Specifications for additional details on the devices configuration.

Connectors Tyco automotive connectors
Enclosure Plastic Enclosure
  • 8 Analog Inputs
  • 0 to 4.1V
  • 10 bit resolution
  • Voltage Protection
  • Another 8 Analog Inputs
  • Schmitt trigger behavior (Vh = 4 V, Vl = 2,5 V)
  • Voltage level 5 - 18 V
  • Pull up or down on each channel
  • 4 Frequency Inputs
  • Frequency range 0 - 10 kHz
Mpn IPEH-002206
  • 8 Digital Outputs
  • High-side drivers, 350 mA continuous current, 500 mA short-circuit current
  • 4 outputs switchable in low-side drivers, 700 mA continuous current, 1 A short-circuit current
  • Short-circuit protection
  • 4 Frequency Outputs
  • Low-side drivers, 350 mA continuous current, 1 A short-circuit current
  • 2 outputs switchable to high-side drivers, 1,5 A continuous current, 5 A short-circuit current
  • Short-circuit protection


PCAN-MicroMod Mix 3 User Manual (PDF)


PCAN-MICROMOD Configuration (ZIP)

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