PCAN-MicroMod Digital D2 Module


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MPN: IPEH-002201

Manufacturer: Peak System Technik

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The MicroMod D2 Module is a packaged version of the MicroMod CPU. Since only a limited set of the Micromod's inputs and outputs can be brought out to the terminal blocks, several packaged versions are available in different configurations. The Digital 2 (D2) Version has a specific set of digital inputs and outputs. (See Specifications Tab)

Since the MicroMod is programmed and configured over the CAN network using the free PC software provided, a PEAK PC to CAN interface is required (sold separately). We recommend the CAN-USB adapter as the simplest interface to use for this purpose.

Documents and Drivers


PCAN-MicroMod Digital D2 User Manual


PCAN-MICROMOD Configuration

CAN Download Support
View the available Peak System downloads:


Indicators LED

Power Supply & Digital Outputs



  • 8 Digital
  • Pull-up or pull-down circuit selectable (in 3 groups)
  • Voltage swing 5 to 18 V
  • Schmitt trigger behavior, inverting
  • Low-pass behavior
  • Parallel connection of a frequency input (for each digital input 0 to 3)
  • for alternative use (e.g. at fast changes of state, or at count)


  • 5 Digital
  • Digital 1: 4 low-side switches, max. 45 V, 0.35 A
  • Digital 2: 4 high-side switches, max. 34 V, 1.1 A
  • 1 fast low-side switch, max. 55 V, 0.75 A ("Frequency output")
  • Short circuit protection



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